Vehicle Maintenance
  • Comprehensive and Round the Clock (24 x 7 x 365) Vehicle Maintenance
  • Complete Vehicle Spare Parts Management
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs)
  • Vehicle Breakdown Emergency Visits
Since 2008, Hencon India has been maintaining 22 nos. Hencon Vehicles inside Smelter Plant 1, Vedanta Aluminium Ltd., Jharsuguda, Odisha, India. Our team of 50 nos. staff maintains these high technology vehicles 24 hours per day x 7 days per week x 365 days per year, ensuring 95%+ vehicle availability for the customer.
Our service teams actively visits various smelters around India undertaking routine check ups on the Hencon Vehicles operating there.
Hencon India receives technical back up and guidance from Hencon BV, The Netherlands for all maintenance issues.
Comprehensive Sales, After Sales and Spares Parts Support

  • Sales of all Hencon Vehicles in India
  • After Sales support and co-ordination for all Hencon Vehicles in India
  • Supply and installation of component parts and fabricated items for all Hencon Vehicles in India
Design and Engineering

Hencon India can design a material handling solution specific for your unique requirement. Our products can be used in all metals and mining environments.

e.g. Hencon India is currently designing:
  • Forklift Attachments for Furnace Charging (Scrap Loading)
  • Forklift Attachments for Furnace Tending (Skimming and Cleaning)
These will be used at small size/capacity furnaces at Indian SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) secondary smelters and recyclers' workshops.
Consultancy and Planning

With Hencon's vast knowledge of the global metals and mining industry, we can help you plan for your new project or expansion.

For Casthouses, Pot-Rooms or any other part of the smelter or workshop, Hencon can guide you to identify the type of vehicle you require and how many you might need.
Installation, Commissioning and Training

Once your new vehicle has been completed, assembled and delivered, our aftersales service engineers will thoroughly inspect it and, if necessary, adjust it to meet your specific site requirements.

We can also train the operators and the maintenance crew to make sure the vehicle's full potential will be used. So you can be absolutely confident that your mobile equipment will be professionally installed and commissioned on site.
Design and Assembly of Cylinders, Seal Kits and Hydraulic Systems

Hencon India designs, manufactures and assembles all our hydraulic cylinders and systems in-house. We import all our seal kits from reputed European and North American suppliers.

By ensuring use of best quality materials, machining and workmanship we guarantee the final performance of all our hydraulic cylinders and systems used in our vehicles.

With our knowledge of hydraulic systems, Hencon India undertakes manufacturing and supply of all types of hydraulic cylinders for all applications and customers.

We also undertake Overhauling and Repair of Damaged Cylinders, Seal Kits and Hydraulic Systems (Pumps, Motors, Powerpacks etc.)
Audit, Overhaul, Rebuilt and Retrofit of Vehicles
At the end of the technical life of a vehicle, Hencon India can technically audit and overhaul the vehicle to further extend its operational life. New components, fabricated parts and professional painting will be undertaken to rebuild the vehicle to "as new" status.
The benefits
  • Cost savings compared with new machines.
  • State-of-the-art original parts.
  • Implementation of improvements proposed by operation and maintenance crews.
  • Same guarantee as for a new vehicle.
  • Approximately 60% of the price of a new vehicle.
  • Fixed price option without any risk for the customer.
  • Check import duties with your local authorities or tax office.
This process can extend the vehicle operating life by 5-8 years.
This process can be undertaken for both Hencon vehicles and non-Hencon Vehicles.
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