Hencon designs and manufactures the best vehicles for the Metal and Mining Industries.

All vehicles manufactured by Hencon India in India are as per the design and specifications of Hencon BV, The Netherlands.

We undertake complete steel fabrication and total assembly within our workshop premises.
Our manufacturing workshop staff is trained and experienced in the fabrication and assembly of special vehicles.

All performance and safety critical components are imported from our technology partner Hencon BV, The Netherlands, or from branded European and North American Original Equipment Manufactures [OEMs].

In this way, we ensure quality control and final product is as per the standards set by our European technology partner.
In 2015,
Hencon India started designing and manufacturing Hencon products in India.
In 2017,
Hencon India commissioned our first Made in India product: "Truck Mounted Garbage Compactor 14 cubic metre" for the Municipal Industry.
In 2020,
Hencon India commissioned our first Made in India vehicle for Aluminium Industry: Furnace Tending Vehicle FTV for NALCO, Angul.
Hencon Vehicles - Made in India
Hencon Furnace Tending Vehicle [FTV]
Hencon FTVs is the best solution to keep the Cast House furnaces dross free.
Hencon Furnace Charging Vehicle [FCV]
Hencon FCVs is the best solution to keep the Cast House furnaces charged.
Hencon Combi - Furnace Tending/Charging Vehicle [FTV/FCV Combi]
Hencon FTV/FCV Combi Vehicles are the best 2-in-1 solution for the Cast House.
Hencon Anode (Pallet) Transport Vehicle [APTV or ATV]
Hencon ATVs are the best solution to transport for anodes and other heavy objects in any smelter.
Hencon Truck Mounted Garbage Compactor [TMGC]
Hencon India Garbage Compactors is the best solution to collect, compact and transport municipal solid waste in urban and rural areas.
Complete Hencon Product Catalogue
Hencon Netherlands and Hencon Group have successfully designed and manufactured various types of vehicles for the Metal and Mining industries.
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Products from Hencon's International Partners
Hencon Group has partnerships and dealership agreements with other leading global companies to bring the best products to our customers.
Hencon Underpot Digger [UPD]
Hencon UPD is the best vehicle to clean hard-to-reach basement under-pot area.
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