Hencon Anode (Pallet) Transport Vehicle [APTV or ATV]
Hencon Anode (Pallet) Transport Vehicle [APTV or ATV]
Hencon ATVs have been operating in Indian smelters since 2002.
Hencon ATVs are the best solution to transport for anodes and other heavy objects in any smelter.
Hencon India offers rock solid ATVs as articulated frame (tractor + trailer layout) or as a rigid frame (single vehicle chassis).
Operator safety + comfort and vehicle long-term performance + efficiency is of primary importance for Hencon ATVs.
Hencon ATVs are designed to pick-up and transport:
As long as these base pallets are designed to fit within the ATV lift mechanism and general specifications for weight and dimensions it can be picked-up, transported and unloaded.
Made in India
Hencon ATVs are the safest and long-term solution for smelter Potroom operations.
Currently, for Made in India Hencon ATVs:
Net Lifting Capacities - 7-17 Tons
Layout - Articulated Tractor or Rigid Frame
Pallet Dimensions - As per your requirements
Dimensions (LxWxH) and turning radius - As per your requirements
Magnetic Field Operation - Yes
Drive system - Hydrostatic
Power source - Diesel
Rear View Camera for Operator - Yes
Air Conditioner for Operator - Yes
Operator Cabin Safety Glass - Yes
Hencon APTVs have been operating in Indian smelters since 2002.
Salient Points:
  • Reliable Performance
  • Maximum operator comfort
  • Maximum ease of use
  • Most Maintenance friendly
  • Lowest operational costs
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