Hencon Truck Mounted Garbage Compactor [TMGC]
Hencon India Truck Mounted Garbage Compactor [TMGC]
In 2017, Hencon India designed and manufactured a prototype Garbage Compactor for the Indian municipal industries.
Hencon India Garbage Compactors is the best solution to collect, compact and transport municipal solid waste in urban and rural areas.
Hencon Garbage Compactors was designed in The Netherlands specifically for rough operation environments. Hencon compactors are made keeping in mind human operator safety, robust vehicle structures, zero breakdowns and long vehicle service life.
Unique Features of Hencon Garbage Compactors:
Made in India
Currently, for Made in India Hencon Garbage Compactors:
Container Volume - 14 - 18 cubic metre
Hopper Volume - 2 cubic metre
Approx. Cargo Garbage Net Weight - 6.5 tons on TATA 1613 or eqv. (6 nos. tyres truck)
No. of Cylinders - 7-9 no. Hydraulic Double Acting Cylinders
Hopper Loading Height - 1100mm
Packing Cycle Time: - 40 seconds
Bin Un/Loading Cycle Time: - 20 seconds
Compacted Garbage Density: - 430-375 Kg/M3
Compatible Trucks - TATA, Ashok Leyland, All Major Truck companies
Salient Points:
  • Reliable Performance
  • Maximum operator comfort
  • Maximum ease of use
  • Most Maintenance friendly
  • Lowest operational costs
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