Hencon Furnace Tending Vehicle [FTV]
In 2020, Hencon India delivered our first Aluminium Industry vehicle:
Furnace Tending Vehicle [FTV] to NALCO, Angul, Odisha.
Hencon FTVs have been operating in Indian smelters since 2008.
Hencon FTVs is the best solution to keep the Cast House furnaces dross free.

Hencon FTVs can undertaken the following jobs with complete control:
Performing furnace skimming, cleaning and tending jobs manually or with a forklift is highly unsafe for staff and machinery. This also results in major heat loss from the furnace, metal spillage and metal contamination.
Hencon FTVs ensure:
Hencon FTVs have the following tool attachments:
All tools are made with high quality Stainless Steel Tools for longest furnace operation life span.
Made in India
Hencon FTVs are the safest and the best solution for Furnace Tending.
Currently for Made in India Hencon FTVs:
Telescopic stroke - 6-10+ metres
Dimensions (LxWxH) and turning radius - As per your requirements
Drive system - Hydrostatic
Endless rotation - Yes
Power source - Diesel
Floating mode and force control - Optional
Automatic alloying - Optional
Rear View Camera for Operator - Yes
Air Conditioner for Operator - Yes
1 inch special Safety Glass + Net - Yes
Salient Points:
  • Reliable Performance
  • Maximum operator comfort
  • Maximum ease of use
  • Most Maintenance friendly
  • Lowest operational costs
Hencon FTVs have "Hencon Float, Force and Alloying Control Systems":

This is a computer assisted software technology that assists the operator while undertaken Skimming, Cleaning and Alloying Operations.
During Furnace Skimming, the this system ensures the de-drossing blade is:
During Furnace Cleaning, this system ensures the cleaning blade is:
During Alloying, this system ensures the FTV is:
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Hencon Vehicles - Made in India
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